Message from us to people overseas

We, at KAISEI-MARU, are a fishing company consisting of my father, my brother, and myself.
Our fishing grounds are located in Sukumo Bay, on the border between Kochi and Ehime prefectures.
Sukumo Bay faces the Pacific Ocean and is blessed by the Kuroshio Current, making it a rich habitat for a variety of fish species.
The main catch there is sea bream, amberjack, flathead flounder, and rock porgy.
The fishermen use fixed nets to catch these fish.
The fish are promptly nerve-closed and drained of blood on board the fishing vessel. This keeps them at a high level of freshness for delivery to our valued customers.
We are very particular about the method of removing the blood.
After lowering the temperature of the seawater to the appropriate level with ice, the fish is oxygenated, a process unique to KAISEI-MARU.
After the nerves of the fish are prepared using a special device, a cut is made in the gills to remove the blood, By immersing the fish in our special oxygenated water, the fish’s heart beats longer and the blood is drained cleanly from every part of the fish, Of course, no chemicals are used, and the process is safe and secure.
The fish is bled out using a method that maximizes the fish’s natural life force.
Only fish that have been nerve-finned and bled on board are shipped with the KAISEI-MARU label, and only those fish that we are satisfied with in terms of size and shape are shipped with the KAISEI-MARU label.
We also use water-absorbent sheets when packing fish for shipment to keep them as fresh as possible.
We take care of every detail to keep the fish as fresh as possible.
We hope you will enjoy our fish!

株式会社 いよはる
株式会社 いよはる
株式会社 いよはる
株式会社 いよはる